Logscape Tutorials

This page serves as a centralized location for all Logscape tutorials, if you notice a tutorial is missing, or would like to request a tutorial be added, please contact Logscape support

Using Filters

Logscape allows a user to filter their search results so as to only see what they're interesting in, this guide will run you through how to use them.

Logscape Datatypes

Datatypes are integral to Logscape, allowing you to formalise the structure of your data, and search based upon this field, this tutorial shows you how to build your own custom datatypes unique to your data.

Configure Syslog

Logscape can recieve Syslog directly from any syslog enabled device. This tutorial will take you through configuring your device to forward to your Logscape installation.

Installing an App

Logscape is simple to download and install, this tutorial will walk you through how to install and start using Logscape within 10 minutes

Your first Search

Searches make up the basis of Logscape, in this tutorial you'll be walked through data discovery while search.

Your first Workspace

Workspaces are collections of searches and business critical data. Today we'll walk through how to make one.

Getting to know the UI

In this tutorial we'll walk you through the Logscape UI and how to use it.

Your first alert

Alerts will allow you to know when something happens in your environment, today we'll walk you through them

Logscape Walkthrough

The Logscape walkthrough presumes you've got no prior knowledge of Logscape, and gets you on your feet in no time.