Your First Search

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We're going to make a new search in order to demonstrate some of the usages of post-aggregate functions.

Click the search box

Type your search into the blue highlight for this search I'm going to get the average CPU across my environment

As you can see, I now have a graph representing the AVG CPU of my environment

But say I wanted to use this search for an alert, and I only want to alert when my AVG cpu exceeds a certain value? in this past this wouldn't of been possible.

However, with the addition of post-aggregates I can alias this value, in this case I alias it to "avgCPU"

avgCPU is now available to perform functions upon as if it was a field 

Using the previously aliased field I can now perform a greater than operation so that my search will only return a value when the avgCPU is greater than 60%

Hopefully this tutorial helped to show you how to use post-aggregate functions in Logscape 3

That's it. You're done.