Your First Workspace

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Login to your Logscape installation and navigate to the home.

Click the edit button

Click new workspace button.

Clicking on the Workspace name will allow you to change the name.

Name your workspace whatever you like.

Click outside of the text box, and then hit save.

Click Add Search

This will add a blank chart to the top of the workspace, by clicking and dragging the top bar you can move it around the workspace grid.

By selecting the handle in the lower right of the widget you are able to resize to however you choose best

Click the configure button

You can now add any search you like in order to have it rendered in this widget.

As you can see I've now added a search to my widget.

I'm going to turn on the charts Legend

And also make it so that when a filter is applied the search re-runs

We're finished with this widget, click okay to save it and return to the workspace.

Let's add another chart

Reposition it within the workspace

Resize it

Another search

Repeat until you have all the searches you want, positioned where you like.

Having added a few more charts I run a search to see how it's looking so far.

The left hand side is looking a bit bare, I'm going to use a HTML Widget so that I'm able to control the content

Move and resize the same as a chart widget.

Add another HTML Widget, this will make up my navigation.

Finally, I'm going to add a clock widget, just as a finishing touch.

This can of course be moved and resized like any other widget

The settings of the HTML block are accessed in the usual way.

Whatever is written into a HTML block will render in your workspace, I'm just going to add an icon to represent that this is the home.

Add whatever HTML you would like

Hit okay to save your changes.

And now you can see my happy little house!

By clicking on the title I can change it same as the workspace we named earlier.

You can name your widget whatever you'd like, however I want it to be blank, so I'm going to enter ' '

Open the settings window for the second HTML block

Enter whatever HTML you choose

I'm going to use this widget as my navigation to other workspaces, and out to the logscape support site.

This is the result.

Again, I'm going to change my title to ' '

Unfortunately, our background colours don't match - Let's fix that.

Click to open settings.

Change to the settings tab.

Click to open the palette chooser.

Choose any colour

Hit okay

The background of the widget has now been updated, repeat this with all three widgets.

Click save

If you navigate to the open prompt

You can find the workspace you just made. Congratulations on making your first workspace.