Deploying an App

The below tutorial will walk you through the process of Deploying an App to your Logscape Manager.

Connect to your Logscape Manager and enter your Admin credentials.

Click to sign into your Admin account.

Click the configure icon on the left hand side navigation.

You'll be taken to your system page, in order to deploy a Logscape App, we'll need to change to the Deployment page.

The deployment page allows you to deploy new files into your Logscape environment, it also lists all files currently on the Manager, allowing you to remove, deploy or undeploy.

In order to deploy an app, we'll first need to Upload it, so hit the upload button.

Follow that up by clicking on Choose files

You'll now want to navigate to the app you downloaded from - For this example I downloaded the WindowsApp

Click Open to begin uploading the App into your Logscape environment

The file is now uploading, but that's a long list, Click the filter field and apply a filter for the app you installed.

Click Deploy on your app to begin the deployment process.

After a moment click refresh, the status of your app should change from undeployed to starting, or deployed.

Note how my app is now listed as starting

My app is now deployed, and so everything it contained is now part of my Logscape environment, lets quickly check to make sure the workspaces have been loaded properly.

Click the Workspace icon to be taken back to your Logscape workspaces.

Click the open workspace button

Click in the filter box to filter all of the workspaces down to those of your freshly installed app

As you can see the Windows app was successfully installed. Congratulations on installing your first app, the process is the same for every logscape app.