If you're here then you've taken the first step towards making use of your infrastructures logs. And the question now, is what happens next?

Logscape provides full stack monitoring for your organization's business applications and infrastructure. From high level metrics such as service KPIs, to firewall events. Logscape provides the ability to know what is happening in your enviroment, as it happens, as well as providing you with a unified view of your entire Environment. Logscape displays data in an easy to understand manner with logical correlation between your applications and devices.

Next Steps

The Logscape Cloud knowledgebase provides you with everything you will need to know relating to Logscape Cloud.

  • If you haven't already, then register your account on the Logscape Website.
  • Take a read of our getting started page, it will explain the basics.
  • Have a look at our overview of what full stack monitoring actually is.
  • Configure your devices, and you're good to go.