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Logscape Apps search and monitor the noisy edges to give you the complete picture. Standard monitoring of syslog,sockets and log inputs are useful, but that’s only part of the story. To really understand what’s going on, you also need to search and monitor all components of your infrastructure. Logscape Apps can invoke any service or executable shell scripts, vbs scripts, groovy, ruby, SQL, etc. to search and monitor data from any source or application

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Visualize Collectd Metrics

Aggregate collectd metrics across several hosts and visualize system health and performance metrics on custom Collectd Workspaces.

Capture with Telegraf

Telegraf is an agent written in Go for collecting metrics from the system it's running on, or from other services, and writing them into a variety of different output formats.

Operating System

WindowsOS 3.0

This version of the Windows App is for Logscape 3.0 Onwards. Get monitoring of Windows Events and server health. Find charts, alerts and Workspaces to give you a view on your Windows server estate.

UnixOS 3.0

This version of the Windows App is for Logscape 3.0 Onwards. Monitor Unix, Solaris and OS X operating systems. Get insights on operating system KPIs with detailed charts and alerts

Data Storage


Collect Cassandra connection, cache and performance metrics. Visualize and monitor your cassandra instances


Monitor Mongo application logs, caches, tables and mongo server metrics


Monitor the health of mysql instances, track cache, buffers and slow queries


Monitor your Postgres databases and processes. Get views on your tables, indexes and buffers.


Apache/Nginx App

Monitor Nginx and Apache webservers using the extended log format.

Apache Http Server

Monitor Apache HTTP workers, bandwidth and connections. Deprecated in favour of the joint app.

Nginx Web Server

Monitor Nginx server health and track connections statistics. Deprecated in favour of the joint app.



Monitor the JVM, java application logs and garbage collection. Visualize custom metrics through JMX

Cisco 3.0

This version of the Cisco App is for Logscape 3.0 Onwards. Analyse Cisco ASA syslog messages, track and measure bandwidth usage and connection throughput and alert on suspicious traffic

Analyze Weblogs

Visualize visitors, bandwidth and other metrics for your IIS,Apache and Nginx web logs. Provides support for common web log formats CLF,XLF and custom.


Monitor Docker and process running in Docker containers. Visualize resource metrics and container life cycles

Microsoft HPC

Monitor your entire Microsoft HPC environment, Visualize performance and resource metrics.

Univa Grid Engine

Monitor your entire Univa Grid. Visualize performance and utilisation while simultaneously tracing errors within Jobs.