Welcome to Logscape

Welcome to Logscape. This step by step guide will walk you through the entire Logscape process, from downloading and installing, all the way to building custom workspace.

  1. Part 1: Downloading and install Logscape - Follow this walkthrough to Download and Install a Logscape manager.

  2. Part 2 - Getting to know the UI - This tutorial will get you accustomed with the Logscape UI so that you can navigate the following tutorials.

  3. Part 3 - Getting data into Logscape - For this tutorial, we're going to be setting up a basic datasource, however it's possible to add data to Logscape through Syslog, HTTP, direct upload, or use of a Logscape app.

  4. Part 4 - The Logscape Search Syntax - We're going to cover Logscape search syntax at a basic level, for more advanced use cases, read the advanced analytics, section.

  5. Part 5 - Your first search - In this tutorial we'll cover the process of generating your first search, show some different analytics, and how to save your search for use later in an alert or workspace.

  6. Part 6 - Creating a workspace - In this tutorial we'll cover creating your first workspace, a workspace is useful collection of related searches, and can be used in alerts to generate detailed reports.

  7. Part 7 - Configuring an Alert - In this tutortial you'll be walked through the Alert interface showing you how to set up your own custom alerts.