To ship applications logs and windows event logs use NXLOG. NXLOG is a cross-platform log shipper which you can download from here: nxlog download page

1) Edit the nxlog.conf

To send data into Logscape Cloud edit the nxlog.conf and update your out section ( or equivalent ) in your config.

<Output out>
   Module      om_tcp
   Host        collector.logscape.com 
   Port        9991
2) Set up input routes

Make sure that for any nxlog log inputs that you prepend your security token. Here's an example for the apache2 logs

<Input in_apache2>
   Module      im_file
	File		"C:\\Bitnami\\wampstack-5.4.35-0\\apache2\\logs\\access.log"
	Exec		$raw_event = "LOGSCAPETOKEN:YOUR_TOKEN_HERE LOGSCAPETAG:www " + $raw_event; 
3) Test your connectivity

Make sure that you also add an appropriate tag to your data. The tag will allow you to identify the data from the search page. For the Apache2 example all its data is tagged www