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The Logscape Collector is a lightweight daemon that can be used in situations where your platform or application doesn't have the capability to get data into the cloud natively, through an ever expanding list of official apps, and the ability to create your own through use of groovy, bash and powershell, the collector allows Logscape to fulfill its promise of full stack monitoring.

1.) Install Download and run setup.exe and unpack the Collector. When the setup.exe is finished it will install the Logscape Cloud Collector as a service.

2.) Configure Open the ./etc/service.json file and update the json with your security token, if you do not have your token if can be found in the my account section of the Logscape website. If you are running the collector on Windows make sure that you have stopped the collector service before editing the services.json file.

{   "manager":"" 
Add the list of apps you want to run. These will automatically be downloaded and installed if they haven't been already. Visit to find an app to monitor your application.

3.) Start To start the Logscape Collector in standalone mode execute ./ or ./start.bat depending on your Operating System. When you execute this process it will read in your services.json and execute the apps listed in the apps field using the security token specified by token.

4.) Login Log into Logscape Cloud and find the home page for your app. For instance, if you installed the UnixApp, find the UnixApp - Home workspace. This is the landing page for the app you are running. From here you are able to navigate all sections of the app.