Cisco Workspace

Cisco networking devices are extensively used throughout networks of all sizes and communicate via syslog, using a syslog server, you'll be visualizing your Cisco device's logs in minutes.

The Cisco workspace visualizes all of the data transmitted by your Cisco device to create a rich enviroment displaying severity levels, message ID's and more.

Configuring your Cisco device.

Hardware devices cannot be configured to send data directly into the Logscape Cloud, instead they must first forward their logs to a centralized log server which can then forward on device data into the cloud itself.

1) Configure your syslog server

You'll need to configure your Syslog server to send syslog to the logscape cloud, a guide to perform these configuration steps can be found here.

2) Configure the device

Once the Syslog server has been configured, the next step is to contact your system administrator and request the device direct its syslog to your syslog server.

3) Test connectivity

Your data will start arriving within a couple of minutes, the Cisco workspace will give you an overview of your network traffic.