Deploying Logscape

A Logscape deployment will change in style depending on whether the user has a license or not, due to the restrictions upon Agent Type by default only the Manager and Forwarder agent roles are available, however adding a license to your Logscape installation will allow you to configure Failovers, Indexers and Indexstores.

The current make-up of your Logscape environment can be found on the 'Agents' page of the Logscape settings.

Example Deployments

Due to the limitations of using Logscape without a license a free deployment is limited to only Forwarders and a manager, this means that your deployment can only be scaled as far as one management node is able to handle.

With a Logscape license, you have access to all types of Logscape agent, most importantly the indexer/indexstore, which allows you to take load away from the manager, and scale sideways, one environment can support potentially unlimited numbers of forwarders as long as enough indexstores are deployed to cope with the additional load. You can also deploy a failover, so should any issues arrive with your manager, your entire environment will automatically fall back to your failover node.

Logscape Components


The Manager is the main component of Logscape. This component provides the web dashboard and orchestrates the services running on Forwarders and Indexers.

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Index Store

The Index Store accepts data from Forwarders provides the data for indexing and searching services for the data retrieved from these hosts. Multiple Index Stores can be used in Logscape deployment.

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A Forwarder is a lightweight Logscape copes whose sole responsibility is to ship data on its host to an Index Store or the Manager.

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The Failover continues provide users with services if users fail to connect to the Manager.

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An Indexer provides indexing and search capabilities to the data on its host.

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Boot Properties

Each Logscape component can be configured through the

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Centralized Configuration

The Agents boot settings can be managed centrally depending on their role

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The Logscape configuration can be exported and restored to facilitate migrations to new hardware or environments. There are many ways of managing a Logscape Configuration.

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Securing Endpoints

Logscape uses standards wherever possible when securing endpoints, ensuring that that client is talking to the right Manager and the manager has verified that it is talking to a legitimate client.

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