Boot Properties

Each Logscape component uses the configuration from a file which is located in the components home directory. The component will need to be bounced or restarted for any changes in this file to take effect.


The VMargs affect the VSOMain process See the Oracle Java docs Java VM Options

WARNING: Care should be taken when modifying:b the VMWargs
Agent Process
Property Value
-Xms Configure Min Heap Memory. This is the initial heap size when the process starts
-Xmx Configure Max Heap Memory
-XX:MaxPermSize For a 4GB heap, the default of 512mb is fine. For servers with around 16GB size your PermGen accordingly


The system properties section affects how the Agent will behave depending on what role it has taken i.e Management,IndexStore,Forwarder,Indexer

Property Value
agent.role See the page Zonese.g dev.Manager or dev.Indexer
vso.base.port=11000 The base port from which port allocation will commence make the system use the hostname instead of the ipAddress (support for NAT)
net.iface net.iface allows a specific network interface to be specified, i.e. net.iface=eth1 - This setting is used to guarentee the correct interface is used allowing bi-directional communication between agents.
Security Properties
cert.keystore.file=$PATHTO/keystore This points to the Java Keystore (JKS). If the public.key or private.pem is not present the agent will look for keys in the JKS
cert.keystore.pass=$PASSPHRASE The $PASSPHRASE to access the keystore.
cert.keystore.alias=certalias The alias used for keys in the keystore
private.cert=$PATHTO/cert Location of the private key. The full path needs to be used.
public.cert=$PATHTO/pub.key Location of the public key. The full path needs to be used. The dashboard will bind to this port on start up.The default value is 8080
jmx.pwd The default password for access to an agents jmxHttpURL is ll4bs.Set jmx.pwd to your password of choice.
User and Session Properties

Default Value: uid Update this to change the field that Logscape will use to identify a user in your LDAP Server.


Default Value: Read_Write_User Default permissions a user will have when imported. Possible values

  • Read_Only_User
  • Read_Write_User
  • Team_Administrator
  • System_Administrator

Default Value: all Default team a user will belong to when imported.

Service Memory
dashboard.heap dashboard.heap controls heap/mem allocated to the WebDashboard. [512M] increased with concurrent use.Ideal[1256M] or more
logspace.heap logspace.heap control heap/mem allocated to the LogSpace Service [256M] Ideal[1256M] or more
aggspace.heap aggspace.heap controls heap/mem allocated to the Aggregation Engine. [512M] Ideal[1256M] or more
printserver.concurrent=3 The number of concurrent report services to run when alerts are being triggered
Search Properties (default 500ms) - interval when to pump aggregate events resulting from AggFunctions (count, avg etc) (default 200ms) - determines latency when flushing raw-event data on a search


This property modifies the process priority on Linux, Windows, Solaris and OS X. Logscape can be set t run with LOW or NORMAL priority
vscape.tcp.client.connection.outstanding.limit=5 Limits the number of concurrent connections handled by a client endpoint. Default: 5 connections