A Workspace is comprised of various widgets. Click on the edit button to create or modify a workspace.

Search Widget - Adds a Search visualization to your Work Space. The search is executed whenever the workspace is refreshed. any of the charts available on the Search page is also available here.

Replay Events - displays all the raw events from a search in a table. The replay events are are executed whenever the workspace is refreshed. This widget provides a way to access files being searched on in the Workspace.

HTML Widget -The HTML widget provides a flexible way to add content to a Workspace. It accepts any valid HTML and is often used to display images , videos and embed links to ticketing systems or other Workspaces and Searches.

Clock -is an information widget that displays the current data and time.

Jmx Attribute - This widget retrieves the value of a JMX attribute. It is updated each time the Workspace is refreshed. This is used to get data from java processes that expose metrics via the JMX protocol. It accepts the following parameters:
jmx url -the location of the mbeans to query.
bean - to be accessed by the widget.
attribute -the property on the bean to be displayed within the widget.

Jmx Operation -This widget display the result of a JMX operation. When the workspace is refreshed, the jmx operation is executed and the result is formatted before being displayed
jmx url - the location of the mbeans to query.
bean - to be accessed by the widget.
Operation - the operation on the bean to invoke. The result of the operation is retrieved and displayed.

Single Value Panel - This widget exposes a raw Javascript element which allows the user to fully customize the actions the widger performs, full documentation can be found here.