Logscape Apps

Logscape Apps are custom application which run on the Logscape platform. They extend the monitoring capabilities of the system by integrating with custom application interfaces. A Logscape App is an archive containing a

  • Service Descriptor ( also know as the bundle )
  • config file
  • scripts

The Bundle - Is an xml document that contains a description of what services a Logscape App will execute. In each service description there is a schedule parameter which controls when the Apps service is executed

Config File - The config file contains all the Searches, Workspaces, types and sources that the App needs to run. - Config file names must be unique within the environment

scripts - These are the programs or scripts that are executed by the service sections in the bundle file.


Each App installed and deployed must follow the naming scheme

When an App is deployed, the archive is replicated to all Agents that are part of the Logscape environment. When the status of the App is changed from UINSTALLED to INSTALLED, the archive is unpacked on each Agent and stored in the following folder