Release, 2.5

Jan 23 2015

Release 2.5 includes improvements to LDAP/Active Directory management, selective UI enhancements and performance improvements. IE11 compatability has also been improved along with minor bug fixes.

#1265 [AGN] User LDAP hard sync
Documentation relating to LDAP changes can be found here.
#1274 [AGN] Authenticate users applying ldap filters
#1202 [RBO] Active Directory support for Team sysadmin/admin ROLES
#1267, 1187, 1031 [DOC] Add ulimit parameters for Logscape Sizing and tuning guide
[DOC] Linux Tuning: Swap
[DOC] Logscape Sizing Guide
All updates can be found on the Sizing Guide.
#1230 Add DataSources to the search page
#1281 JMXOperation and Attributes to support HOST:PORT syntax
The JMX widget can now query Java MBeans attributes and invoke operations. This widget is ideal for getting status metrics from running java applications and services.
#1222 [RBO] Archive management / DOC
Archive management rules can be found on the archiving page.
#1257 [RB][UnixApp] Each workspace now has units where appropriate.
#1253 AutoRun toggle on Search page and show top10 system fields
#1299 [DOC] Add debuggex link for regex testing
A debuggex link was added to the types page.
#1193 [RBO] Forwarder support from Different Timezones
How to configure multiple timezones can be found here.
#1296 [AGN] LDAP - Blank Team Filter breaks functionality
#1283 [AGN] Degraded Hashmap Performance
#1282 Improve bucketing consistency
#1275 Bind GroovyShell with 'args' variable
#1041 The table breaks when count is used with a groupby on collectd data
#1256 [RBO] Jmx password is set to
#120 Function sum() double count and countUnique() broken
#1218 [ScriptForker] App Services starting with a large heap size
#1214 [UNT] Make explicit break imply EOL - BreakChars
#1198 chart(table) should resize according to widget
#1192 [AGN] Relative paths to be used in java class paths
#1189 User perms using resourceGroups isnt working
#1184 [Search] Number group field concat syntax not working as expected
#1173 NullPtr on MaxFunction
#1163 [AGN] Time indexing broken on certain files
#1152 [RBO] Search page sources popup doesnt work in IE
#1150 Cleanup etc and logscape.ini and service wrappers - move to etc dir
#1148 [RBO] InternetExplorer fileupload fails
#1145 [RBO] Print reports show ui artifacts needs 400DPI resolution
#1143 [RBO] Legend on pie chart flows outside tile region
#1139 [Apps] Parameters not being passed to
#1068 Add split function on search expression
#1183 Socket Leak on Dashboard process
#1159 ConcurrentLRUCache was not destroyed prior to finalize(), indicates a bug -- POSSIBLE RESOURCE LEAK
#1157 Prevent Forwarders from detecting DataTypes to reduce resource overheads
#1153 Tailer should only detect rolling on first tail.