Logscape Apps

An Apps runtime configuration can be change after its deployed using a property file

Note: If you modify a property file you will need to stop the app by undeploying and then redeploying for the changes to take effect

An Apps property file is contains a list of key value pairs that provide runtime settings an Apps services. A typical properties has the following format


Here's an example from the WindowsApp. The propery passed to the WindowsApp will exclude the event code 7036 from being monitored


Service Specific Properties

The properties are applied globally across all services. The Service can simply ignore the properties it does not need. This is not always ideal. Properties can be applied on a per service basis.


Overriding Bundle Tags

The fork,background and pauseSeconds and the resourceSelectin can be overridden from the properties file. The following example will override the resourceSelection so that the UnixApp service LinuxIO will not run on Solaris.

<Service> <name>LinuxIO</name>
<resourceSelection>osName notContains WINDOWS</resourceSelection> <fork>false</fork> <background>true</background> <instanceCount>-1</instanceCount> <pauseSeconds>60</pauseSeconds> <script>bin/io.sh</script></Service>

The following line in the properties file will only run the LinuxIO service on Linux Hosts

*.bundle.defaults.resourceSelection = osName contains Linux