The Dashboard runs the web console and is responsible for servicing all search requests and results to users. The dashboard sub component runs on the Management host.


Changing the default port - To change the dashboard port from 8080 update the property web.app.port=8080 to the new one. See the boot.properties on how to update system settings

Heap Memory - To increase the Dashboard's heap memory update the dashboard.heap property in the boot.properties file

Setting up SSL - Logscape runs the Dashboard on ports 8080 and 8443 (https) by default. To configure you SSL to use your own certificates

  • Edit the SSL properties file, found in the $LOGSCAPE_HOME/ssl folder
  • Replace the keystore with your own.
  • Restart the Manager
Any problems starting up SSL will be logged in the following file
Learn more about keystores here:How to Configure SSL