C3/D3 Charting Library Function Reference

The C3 and D3 Charting libraries are extremely customizable, and all modifications can be performed on these charts through the searching syntax, below is a cheat sheat of all available settings, and their effect on a chart.

Chart Types

  • c3.line
  • c3.spline
  • c3.step
  • c3.area
  • c3.area-spline
  • c3.area-step
  • c3.bar
  • c3.scatter
  • c3.pie
  • c3.donut
  • c3.gauge
  • d3pie

C3 Chart Functions

Setting Effect
hideLegend Removes the Legend from your chart
tipsOff Removes tips from each value point
rotated Rotates your graph 90 degrees
gridX Adds a grid to your X axis
gridY Adds a grid to your Y axis
subchart Adds a subchart which can control your viewpoint
stacked Each buckets values will be stacked, rather than adjacent to each other
Zoom Allows an interactive zoom effect