Release, 2.4.2

July 16th 2014

Release 2.4.2 brings performance improvments and enhancements in the UI. Panning of charts and raw events are now synced. The raw log lines follow the chart position in real-time.

Note: Scoping of Workspaces and Searches is not available in the freemium version of Logscape

#1103 [AGN] Facets not updated with fields from type even if it is the only one in the results
#1115 Tailer view sometimes doesnt inch up with mouse wheel scroll
#1131 [RBO] Missing files on Large Volume IndexStore
#1133 [RBO] Improve time inference on unknown time formats
#1134 [RBO] Dashboard process can cause HProf on concurrent use
#1110 Chart data sometimes doesnt plot due to Decimal places
#1114 More efficient StringToInt impl
#1116 See DirectBuffer OOM on Tailer view
#1119 Field Concat should work with Numeric Group references
#1120 Add auth-user to syslog type
#1124 [AGN] Expired Directories may not be scanned due to age > Expires/TTL
#1125 [RBO] Prevent/Protect mapdb corruption on search submit
#1126 Synchronise Search Events view with chart when pan/zoom are used
#1127 [RBO] agent.log volume made worse by lucene exceptions
#1128 [AGN] Email properties sometimes ignored in alerts and testing
#1130 Improve Search Page 'raw' event view column filters by adding _host, _tag, _type
#1132 [RBO] Expire data on day boundaries
#1104 [AGN] Events wrongly ordered in event with multiple parseable timestamps
#1112 Tables 'by' not working as expected
#1113 Autogen CSV spaces and duplicate names causes problem
#1117 Summary Collection to include top 5 + other
#1118 [LAB] Search does not filter results on field as expected on tag.equals(TERM)
#1121 Workspace 'Event' widget drilldown not working
#1122 [RBO] Users with R/W perms can escalate to config using alt-tab
#1129 [RBO] When a user saves a search the current search title is not updated with namespaced version name
#930 QA: Build a QA Checklist for each release