Types of Upgrade

We refer to Logscape updates in three different forms, Minor, Major and Binary.

  • Minor
    • Small quality of life update and bug fixes

    • Agents that are offline at the time of the patch will be able to reconnect at any time.

  • Major
    • Large scale change, often affecting how data is stored on disk.

    • All agents must be online to guarantee parity between agent versions.

    • All files from the /downloads/ folder must be included.

    • Likely to either cause, or require a full re-index.

  • Binary
    • A change has been made to network layer affecting how agents communicate.

    • All agents MUST be online, as agents running older versions will be unable to communicate with the upgraded agents.

    • Lib files from the /downloads/ folder can be ignored to save time on deployment.

Performing an Upgrade

The steps to performing an upgrade are as follows,

  1. Export Config - Export your config by going to the Backup Page and export everything by clicking download. The logscape-all.config file contains your entire system configuration your users and resource groups. Keep this file safe as it can be used to reinstate your system should an error occur.

  2. Backup the downloads and space folders - Copy the entire downloads and space folders, again these will only be used in case of an error.

  3. If the upgrade has been classified as a Major, or Binary upgrade, all agents MUST be online to prevent agent loss.

  4. Unpack the new version - Unpack the freshly downloaded Logscape zip wherever you wish.

  5. Upload the contents of Downloads via the manager (If the update is classified as Minor or Binary, then there is no need to upload *-lib.zip files, as these will be unmodified)

  6. Allow a moment for all your agents to download the new files - It may take a few moments for all the agents in your environment to download the new files

  7. Bounce your System - Once all your agents have a copy of the new files bounce the system

  8. Once the system is back online the login and system pages will reflect the new version.

How it works

When you deploy an update via the Web UI of a Manager all forwarders in the environment become aware of this change and begin downloading the new files, these files are downloaded using a torrent format to increase speed and reduce network strain. Once downloaded they can be found compressed in the '/downloads/' folder of each agent.

During the boot process your agents will uncompress the contents of their download folder, Logscape core utilities will be extracted into '/system-bundles', Logscape apps into '/deployed-bundles' and any transient data such as the 'war' files, into your '/work/' directory.

Note: If using deployment automation tools such as Chef, files modified by a Logscape update will be in the following locations

[Logscape Home]/downloads/

[Logscape Home]/deployed-bundles/

[Logscape Home]/system-bundles/